Best Times to Fish the Blackfoot River

April-late May:

The hatches are diverse and plentiful, dominated by various mayfly, stonefly and midge hatches; dry fly fishing can be quite good in the heat of the day. Insects are generally smaller, some exceptions. Fish are very active and hungry so streamer and nymph fishing are always an option. Water usually clear and cold.

Late May-mid to late June:

Larger insects across the board dominated by the Salmon Fly and the Golden Stone. Many mayfly hatches with the Baetis still going on but many more larger bodied mayflies including the Pale Morning Dunn (PMD). Caddis just beginning. Water usually cold and off-color which concentrates the trout along banks and in slower water. Trout often feed heavily this time of year.


The second most predictable time of the year in this drainage. Aquatic hatches are dominated by the mid-sized tan caddis and PMDs size #14 to #18, terrestrials are often a dominant food source for trout.


Morning and evening hatches. During mid-day large terrestrials or attractor patterns often work well. Caddis and PMDs are still dominant aquatic hatches.


The most predictable time of the year, dominated by dry weather, comfortable temperatures during the day, cool nights, cool, clear water and consistent hatches. Aquatic insects begin to get smaller but the big, old hoppers still work.


Baetis and October Caddis dominant. Larger brown trout very active and more accessible, weather cooler with more moisture. A beautiful time of year.

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