North Fork Crossing Lodge on the Blackfoot River


PRO’s North Fork Crossing sits on the bank of the North Fork of the Blackfoot River. We are the only full service fishing lodge in the famed Blackfoot Valley. Our unique tent cabins were designed for the ultimate comforts of a full service lodge without losing the intimate connection to nature that camping can provide. Each canvas tent cabin comes equipped with heat, electricity, wood floors and a private bath house with all the amenities of home.


The Big Blackfoot River boasts large populations of native West Slope Cutthroat Trout through years of collaborative efforts toward restoration of the Blackfoot River as a fishery that keeps getting better and better.


From the lodge you have access to several other rivers and unlimited walk and wade access to both private and public waters. If you want to test your skill on the mighty Missouri, it is only an hour away from the North Fork Crossing.



North Fork Crossing Rates

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3 days/4 nights $2750/guest
4 days/5 nights $3250/guest
5 days/6 nights $3700/guest

Includes lodging, meals, beer and wine, guided service and fishing gear. Does not include fishing license, airport transportation (shuttles and rental cars available at Missoula airport), or a gratuity if you are so inclined.


Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking.

If trip is cancelled 90 days prior to originally scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be returned less a $200/person processing fee. Full payment is due 60 days prior to your arrival. Payment for trips cancelled after this date is non-refundable. If booking full property (14+), deposit is non-refundable. Parties who arrive with fewer guests than are actually booked will be charged for the number of guests booked at time of reservation. No adjustments will be made for late arrivals/early departures.

Best Times to Fish the North Fork Crossing Lodge

April-late May:

The hatches are diverse and plentiful, dominated by various mayfly, stonefly and midge hatches; dry fly fishing can be quite good in the heat of the day. Insects are generally smaller, some exceptions. Fish are very active and hungry so streamer and nymph fishing are always an option. Water usually clear and cold.

Late May-mid to late June:

Larger insects across the board dominated by the Salmon Fly and the Golden Stone. Many mayfly hatches with the Baetis still going on but many more larger bodied mayflies including the Pale Morning Dunn (PMD). Caddis just beginning. Water usually cold and off-color which concentrates the trout along banks and in slower water. Trout often feed heavily this time of year.


The second most predictable time of the year in this drainage. Aquatic hatches are dominated by the mid-sized tan caddis and PMDs size #14 to #18, terrestrials are often a dominant food source for trout.


Morning and evening hatches. During mid-day large terrestrials or attractor patterns often work well. Caddis and PMDs are still dominant aquatic hatches.


The most predictable time of the year, dominated by dry weather, comfortable temperatures during the day, cool nights, cool, clear water and consistent hatches. Aquatic insects begin to get smaller but the big, old hoppers still work.


Baetis and October Caddis dominant. Larger brown trout very active and more accessible, weather cooler with more moisture. A beautiful time of year.


INSIDE_LA touch of class, in a unique setting, brings you to the tables of PRO’s accomplished chefs at the North Fork Lodge. You’ll be treated to culinary enjoyment that celebrates Montana. Fresh, organic and locally grown herbs and produce compliment any entrée. Careful consideration is given to menu planning, and any dietary requests are easy to accommodate, just let us know in advance.

What to Bring to the North Fork Crossing Lodge

Click here for a printable PDF checklist

Personal Hygiene
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Personal towel/washcloth
  • Handi-wipes
  • Personal toiletries
  • Socks (2 polypro/wool/cotton)
  • Light weight shirts
  • 2 long sleeved
  • 1 short sleeved
  • Fleece pullover or sweater
  • Warm jacket (mornings can be below 40 degrees)
  • One pair thermal wear (2 pair if no fleece pants)
  • Pants:
  • one pair quick dry
  • one pair casual (jeans/chinos)
  • one pair fleece for underneath waders
  • T-shirts and shorts (quick dry)
  • Gloves or convertible mittens (fleece)


  • Slip-ons for bathroom visits
  • Wading boots or river sandals
  • Camp shoes
  • Hiking shoes
Fishing Gear
  • Hat (wide brimmed)
  • Sunglasses (polarized are best)
  • Rain jacket to wear with waders
  • Rain pants if not using waders
  • Waders & wading belt
  • Vest or chest pack
  • Fly rod, 8’ or 9’ (4 – 6 weight)
  • Reel with floating line
  • Fly dressing
  • Hemostat & clippers
  • Leaders & tippet material
  • A smile!

North Fork Crossing can provide any/all fishing equipment, if needed. Please call in advance for sizes and availability.

Montana Fishing License

A Montana Fishing License can be purchased in advance. Go to the Montana FWP Online Licensing. You can also visit The Blackfoot Angler in Ovando (406) 793-FISH or go to any Montana sporting goods store.


North Fork Crossing provides beverages, including beer and wine. We are unable to provide hard liquor.

Please bring your own if you prefer cocktails. Airport shuttle services will make a stop locally for liquor, upon request.

  • Camera/film
  • Book or journal
  • Sunscreen & lip protectant

Directions to North Fork Lodge

328 North Fork Hill Road
Ovando, MT 59854

Click Here to download a PDF copy of these directions

From Helena:
From Missoula:

From Bozeman:

If you need assistance, please call 406-442-5489

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. This institution is operated under a special use permit with the Lewis and Clark National Forest.
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