Kids Camp Trip: What to Bring

Your Trip to our Kids Camp
at North Fork Crossing Lodge


North Fork Crossing Lodge is located on the North Fork of the Blackfoot River just outside the town of Ovando, MT.



North Fork provides personal toiletries such as hairdryers, towels, lotions, soap, shampoo and bathrobes. Please bring everything else you will need for the week (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)


  • Socks (polypro/wool/cotton)
  • Lightweight shirts (quick dry fishing shirts are ideal, but t-shirts are ok)
  • Fleece pullover or sweater
  • Warm jacket (mornings can be below 40 degrees)
  • Pants/shorts
    • quick dry material is ideal for fishing and day activities
    • one or two pair casual (jeans)
    • fun/athletic shorts for games
  • Mittens/gloves and warm hat for early morning comfort
  • Hat with brim
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Rain jacket
  • Vest or chest pack


  • Slip-ons for bathroom visits
  • River sandals/shoes
  • Camp shoes/sneakers/hiking boots



PRO will outfit campers with fishing gear at no additional cost, if desired.

  • Fly rod 8’ or 9’(4–6 weight)
  • Reel with floating line
  • Fly dressing
  • Hemostat & clippers
  • Leaders & tippet material


  • Camera/film
  • Book or journal
  • Sunscreen & lip protection